When most people think of physical therapy, they think of rehabilitation.  Now many people are discovering the value of rehab before an injury or surgery.


Pre-rehabilitation (AKA Pre-hab) is rehabilitation before a surgery.  This is effective due to building strength around your joints such as with a total knee replacement, total hip replacement, ACL reconstruction, meniscus repair etc.  This has been shown to improve outcomes after surgery.


There are two types of Pre-hab:


Before surgery:  Physical therapists and healthcare professionals are starting to turn to Pre-hab to help a patients’ joints prepare for the stresses and strains associated with surgery.


Before an injury:  Athletes and health conscious individuals are turning to prehabilitation to reduce the likelihood of an injury while performing a certain activity or event.


Pre-habilitation has been shown to reduce recovery time period and likelihood of having complications after surgery.  A pre-rehabilitation visit from us will include one hour of education, and graded exercise program specific to the individual.

Whether you are 20 or 70 years old an initial consultation will help you determine the best path forward to getting you back to the activities you love.