Specialized Areas of Physical Therapy

Are you struggling with a chronic pain or facing the reality of life after a surgery? Dr. Payne will work with you to ensure you are back to enjoying the activities you love!


William O.

On August 3, 2016 I had my right knee replaced. Following a wasted week in a rehab facility, Josh became my physical therapist. In my opinion, Josh is the primary reason for my complete recovery. With his knowledge and sympathetic approach to my treatment accomplished, in seven short visits, far more that a full week at a rehab facility. I will always be indebted to Josh for the full and active life I now enjoy at the age of 81.

Susan M

After a total knee replacement, I discovered an essential part of recovery is physical therapy. Just a few days after surgery, Josh came to my home as my PT. He was very encouraging and knowledgeable, but also firm in helping me push through the pain and restore my ability to walk with my “new” knee.