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Dr. Josh Payne

Hi, I am Dr. Josh Payne PT, DPT.  I began my physical therapy career working for a small outpatient clinic in Denton, TX treating a wide variety of patients. I decided to take a different route, and start treating patients in the home due to feeling that this is what I was meant to do. I never looked back. I continued to work for home health companies, until my wife and I decided to move to Denver, CO. I had the opportunity of working with post-surgical patients in their home. While the work was rewarding to me, I always felt like I had more to offer to my clients.   I had clients who would always ask me “Can I continue to see you in my home after my insurance is up?” or “I would love to be able to stay with you because I am comfortable with you”.

I quickly realized that the current model of physical therapy is not providing patients with the comprehensive care that they need, and deserve. By using a mobile physical therapy model, I could provide one on one care for a full hour at a time. I could dedicate more time to my patients, and see them through the entire course of care in order to ensure their personalized goals were being met. When I saw the results my patients were having, I was captivated and that’s when I developed Freedom PT concierge services.



Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center



Soft Tissue Manual Tool Level 1 Certification (STMT-1)

Advanced Office Ergonomics Assessment Specialist (AOEAS)

Why Freedom PT?

A Comfortable Experience

You now have the option to perform your physical therapy from the comfort of your own Denver based home or office. Don't settle for an uncomfortable location or deal with the Denver traffic.

Professional Experience

Dr. Josh Payne has been working in the Physical Therapy field for many years and delivers the highest quality mobile service to clients.

Affordable Prices

Here at Freedom Physical Therapy we save you money in the long term, and in most cases, requires less visits to achieve your desired outcome. Check out our home health services today! 

Whether you are 20 or 70 years old, an initial consultation will help you determine the best path forward to getting you back to the activities you love.